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The Difference is Data.

What is CARTIVA® Synthetic Cartilage Implant (SCI)?

The first and only PMA Approved product for

The Treatment of First MTP joint Osteoarthritis

Premarket approval is the most stringent FDA approval process and is granted based on clinical evidence proving safety and effectiveness. CARTIVA® SCI PMA is the result of a 7 year research process.1

The only product of its kind backed by level 1 clinical evidence

CARTIVA® SCI is backed by Level 1 clinical evidence of safety and effectiveness, established in the largest prospective, randomized, multi-center study ever conducted for this painful condition.6 Level 1 clinical studies are the most rigorous and are based on large randomized controlled multi-center trials.7


  • First new articular surface material approved by FDA in 18 years1
  • Two-time recipient of the Roger A. Mann Award from the AOFAS, for the best clinical research in foot and ankle surgery6.8.9
  • The only device for treating hallux rigidus backed by Level 1 clinical research evidence proving safety and effectiveness6
  • Study data evaluated as low risk of bias in comprehensive published review10
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